Best SQL Database Certifications of 2018 (Exam 70-764)

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What is Microsoft MCP Certification (Exam 70-764)

SQL Database Infrastructure 2016:

SQL server database administrators aspiring to become Microsoft certified IT professional certified, Freshers who choose to become SQL server 2016 DBAs, IT Managers handling database operations. The certification is primarily intended for database administrators.

You don’t have to be a Payton Manning or a Tom Brady of SQL server to achieve the Administering a SQL database Infrastructure 2016 certification. Organized preparation along with a practice test should suffice. 

SQL database Infrastructure 2016 is the most popular Microsoft exams in the database world.

Exam References

Students will learn Database Architecture and core administration with their focus hovering around:

  • Managing data and securing data
  • Build database systems that operate efficiently and regularly storing meaningful and normalized data and ensuring those systems operate without any glitches
  • Setting up database systems ensuring the scalability, security, robustness, availability etc.
  •  Learn to manage high availability and disaster recovery
  • Securing data from unauthorized access is one of primary points to work on



What is the exam cost?

The exam cost 165 $ USD as on today. You need Microsoft database software for practice.

The Microsoft SQL certification is one of the highly valued merits in the database world. You would be tested on the following topics in the exam:

microsoft database certification

The examination consists of around 60 questions (Subject to change) and you will have 150 minutes to answer them. 150 minutes is more than sufficient if you prepare well.

Recommended 70-764 book for this certification

You can purchase Microsoft recommended book as prescribed on for this certification.

It is recommended to take a practice exam before you actually take on the original one.

You can also choose instructor led training which is very efficient but pretty expensive in my opinion!

I have chosen to read their prescribed book and that was more than sufficient to pass the exam.

microsoft database certification

Microsoft Certification Dumps:

Please DO NOT rely wholly on dumps available on the internet. They are useful, but might not be sufficient to pass the exam. Thorough preparation is recommended to pass the exam and very importantly, understand the concepts and transform yourself into a dependable DBA.

You may refer to for more information on this certification.

Miscellaneous Tip:

What is SQL Hosting

If you want your web site to be able to store and retrieve data from a database, your web server should have access to a database system that uses SQL language.

The most common SQL hosting databases are MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and MS Access.

All the Best!

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