My PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Experience

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Guide to crack the PMP (Project Management Professional) Examination

Why PMP Certification

Automation, Implementation of cutting edge technologies and rapidly changing business requirements are hitting all headlines today. As a result of automation, we often hear about job cuts as well these days. With everything changing so rapidly, our minimum responsibility is to carve as robust profile as possible for ourselves. PMP is the most sought out certification for seasoned as well as novice managers. PMP examination is conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI)

What is PMP Certification cost

The first thing we should do is to approach a training agency and obtain information on the fee charged and expertise of the trainer. I have checked the trainer profile on social media sites as well. On an average, training agencies collect 10,000 INR for PMP training. I have paid 10000 INR for my training in 2010. You will be all set to write the exam once training is pursued.

PMP Training and Membership

Finish training on time without missing classes.
Visit for more information on PMP certification.
You can opt for PMI membership and write the exam for 405 US dollars.

How I have prepared 

PMBOK is the official bible of PMI and you have no option but to read it at least twice!
PMP is a 4 hour exam and you need to ensure that you are mentally and physically well prepared to sit in front of the computer.

My calculation

My approach towards the exam was to quickly complete all questions that I was completely confident about. Your mind usually tends to get tired after the first couple of hours and it is extremely important to get as many easy and moderately difficult questions correct as soon as possible. Complex ones can always be handled towards the end!

PMP Certification Online and Classroom modes

You have classroom and online training modes. I chose classroom training.

PMP Exam Cost and Preparation

PMP is a very popular certification in management world. It will add gold to your profile for sure!
Appear for the exam soon after the training is complete. It is always recommended to write the exam when you are abreast/familiar with all the topics.
For Non Members, the exam cost is 555 US dollars.

If you are a beginner, breezing through hundreds of pages on theory can be significantly boring. In order to create interest on my mission (Passing PMP), I have chosen to read PMP by Head First. This book has graphical images that ignite interest towards reading. My approach worked for me and I was able to complete the exam in 1 hour 45 minutes! All the best friends!!!!!!
Since it is a relatively expensive exam, it is always important to crack it on first attempt!
I have cleared my exam in the first attempt with a 2 month preparation.

PMP Certification Requirements

Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent).

7,500 hours leading and directing projects.
35 hours of project management education.
Four-Year Degree.
4500 Hours Leading and Directing Projects.
35 hours of project management education
The most important book that helped me pass PMP on my first attempt is “Rita Mulcahy”
Please ensure that you read Rita Mulcahy book thoroughly (I have read it 5 times)

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